22 episodes

All of the Reagans accuse Erin of betraying the family when she has to make the very difficult decision to release an accused cop killer because Danny doesn’t have enough concrete evidence. Also, Jamie and his new partner, Eddie, are thrust into the conflict when they’re assigned to protect the suspect from harassment.



23 episodes

The plot of the TV series revolves around a family of New York cops.  Danny and Jackie will investigate complaints of violence  against powerful City Council in the premiere  third season. Richard Burgi (“Desperate Housewives”) Guest Stars as Councilman Mancini.



22 episodes

Frank Reagan is the head of the NYPD and the patriarch of the Reagan family. And he manages it as diplomatically as controls the police, even when he is dealing with politics. His eldest son Danny is a source of  Frank’s pride and anxiety. This is an experienced detective, a family man and veteran of the war in Iraq, which is sometimes resorted to questionable methods to uncover cases. One woman in the family, Erin, works as an assistant of prosecutor in New York. She is a single mother, which is an example for her brothers and father. The youngest of the Reagan Jamie recently graduated from Harvard as a lawer and he is  the “gilded child” of this family. But he decided to follow family tradition and refused to work in a prestigious law firm to become a cop. Jamie’s life suddenly changed when he was invited to participate in an internal investigation,  which may affect the whole family.

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