13 episodes

This is the last season. The new series will bring new territories such as Russia and the Dominican Republic. Michael Westen will be working undercover. He is recruited by a terrorist organization to kidnap a special sensitive equipment. However, someone will want to expose him. Sam, Fiona and Jesse will do anything to help Michael.



18 episodes

Burn Notice is a term used in the American intelligence services, meaning that a particular agent or the source of the information become unreliable. Michael Westen – spy who received a burn notice. That is declared – unsafe / hazardous agent. He has two black belts and he can perfectly use “anything, which can shoot bullets or having a blade.” He often improvises with electronic devices purchased from a household electrical goods, such as radio and mobile phones. Michael is fluent in several languages, including Russian and Czech. Fiona Glenanne – a former IRA agent and friend of Michael Westen.



18 episodes

Former spy Michael Westen, who previously worked for the U.S. government continues it’s work in Miami. He is assisted by an FBI agent in retirement  Sam Axe and his ex-girlfriend Fiona Glenanne.

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