24 episodes

The second season begins. Greendale’ life does not stop. And the group begins to learn a new class that teaches June Bauer, a respected professor of anthropology. Jeff faced with the consequences of how Britta confessed her love for him at the dance, but he kissed Annie. Ben Chang decided to be a student.



25 episodes

Greendale Community College received seven people in different ways and, by chance, they became friends. These are the following people: arrogant handsome previously successfully worked as a lawyer, Jeff Winger; pretty blonde, Britta Perry, which tries to return to an active social life; mature woman Shirley Bennett, a single mother, whose husband had thrown her; Annie Edison, the youngest of the group; witty Palestinian-American Abed Nadir, a walking encyclopedia of movies and television series; black guy, a former football player Troy Barnes and a sixty-year old Pierce Hawthorne, who has been married seven times and now thinks he knows everything about life.



13 episodes

In new season examines the students and faculty of Greendale Community College. A suspended lawyer is forced to enroll in a community college with an eclectic staff and student body.



13 episodes

The Study Group returns from summer break ready to tackle their fourth year of Community College. Jeff is particularly focused on graduating and is just a few credits away. When there is a mix-up with a history class registration, Dean Pelton institutes an elaborate physical competition for class space. Meanwhile, Britta helps Abed deal with the anxiety he is experiencing over the thought of the study group graduating and breaking up.



22 episodes

“Community” is a clever comedy about higher education and low expectations. Student community “Greendale Community College” is made up of school losers, recently divorced housewives and Senior Citizens who are trying to keep a cool head. “Community” will talk about rogue company, centered on the talkative lawyer (Joel McHale), whose degree was revoked. They get the same group of seminary and finally discover  themselves much more than the subject.

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