8 episodes + Christmas Special

The new season begins 6 month after the death of Matthew Crawley. The third season done when people were almost tentatively trying to decide how different the world had become. The fourth is more about getting into the 20s: what young people wanted, the changes in music, the arrival of the movies, cars, transport and all of that stuff. But also the difficulties of the big estates, with so many of them packing up.



8 episodes + Christmas Special

The action of the show taking place in the early 20th century. The estate called Downton lives Lord Grantham and his family. In the large family of Lord for each member of the family and servants of their own role and their own place. In spite of the democratic and peace-loving nature of Lord, no one do not dare to question it. As it should be the will of the tradition after his death, the estate must go away to male heirs, but as the only candidate on the Titanic dies, the family raises the question: what do you do? Throughout the TV series we look at the development of relations in the two social circles: in the top, where it is about the family of Lord Grantham and in the lowest, where the servants live. These two terms are very different among themselves, but they do overlap.



7 episodes

1912. England. The heir to the title Earl of Grantham, who lives with his family in his ancestral estate of Downton, dies on “Titanic.” The family expects that now when the male heirs left, and equity ownership of the family after the death of Earl will pass to his oldest daughter. But the Count, who gave his entire life to the manor, refused to defend the rights of the young Mary, believing that everyone, including his wife’s considerable capital should move to the heir to his title of count, an obscure distant cousin …



8 episodes + Christmas Special

The series comprised 8 episodes, running from the Battle of the Somme in 1916 to the 1918 flu pandemic. Crawley, Barrow, and Mason go off to fight in the war; Branson, an Irishman, refuses to fight for the British. Lady Crawley defies her aristocratic position and joins the Voluntary Aid Detachment. At the end of the series she leaves Downton Abbey for Dublin to marry Branson who is now a journalist and on the road to becoming a political activist. Dockery, Maggie Smith, Coyle, James-Collier, Stevens, McGovern, Bonneville, Brown Findlay, Carmichael, Froggatt, Logan and Leech all returned and MacAninch, Glen, Nuttall, Boyle and Doyle Kennedy joined the cast as the new valet Lang, Sir Carlisle, the new housemaid Ethel, Miss Lavinia Swire and Bates’ wife Vera respectively.

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