hit the floor season 2 vh1 2014

12 episodes

The Los Angeles Devil Girls are coming back! On season two, questions will get answered, romances will flourish, and new mysteries will reveal themselves. Also, in the new season comes a new key character – Lionel Davenport, the estranged wife of Pete Davenport. And there will be dancing …



10 episodes

The series takes place in Los Angeles. A young girl Ahsha wants to become a dancer in professional basketball. Despite the restrictions of her mother, she becomes part of Los Angeles Devil Girls. The team has its star Jelena, who is not very friendly adopts a new girl. Ahsha makes first steps not only in the team, but also in the Hollywood’s high life. Girl loves a new life, and she can not combine the new with the old life. Ahsha was becoming difficult to resist the temptations of Hollywood.

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